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We specialize in SEO, social media marketing, web development, and more. Our team of experts uses data-driven strategies to help your business grow online. Let us help you achieve your digital marketing goals and take your business to the next level.

Our Services

Marketing Agency

We’re experts at integrating various online marketing channels in a cohesive way to maximize your results. We’ll grow your website traffic organically to generate more conversions, leads, and sales for your business.

Plastic Manufacturing

Plastix has been manufacturing a range of plastic storage products that are made to last. We guarantee that all products made by Plastix are from the highest quality material to service your requirements as a customer

Printing Press

Indus Printing Company is a well-known partner for leading brands and manufacturers. Our comprehensive printing and packaging portfolio is to build on the foundation of quality and service.


About Us

Atmos is a comprehensive marketplace having expertise in digital marketing, branding, printing, and plastics industries. We are the proud flag bearers of helping businesses across the country. At Atmos, we presently cater to reputable clients and efficiently growing its list of suppliers, manufacturers, and clients from all over Pakistan.
We are strategic creative thinkers, designers, and manufacturers seeking smart analytics-based solutions for businesses of any size.

 We focus on strategy-led designs, not trends, and we run tests with real people to study the nuance of user behavior. We combine passion and process to build business solutions that convert.
Atmos is integrated with all new advanced features and functionalities that any other B2B portal has never offered to compete with aggressive marketing trends and brand development.

Areas We Serve

PET & Injection Blow Molding

We are experts in producing high-quality blow-molded products. We offer injection molding, blow molding, and extrusion molding services to a wide range of marketplace including but not limited to the Pharmaceutical industry to Household Products.

Digital Marketing

Digital Ranker will help you navigate the world of SEO marketing. We will help you to not only maximize your online potential but to get exceptional results and generate clickable leads. We deliver customized solutions for businesses according to their needs.

Printing & Packaging

We are a one-stop solution provider for all types of printing and packaging needs. We provide high-quality packaging products to our clientele. Our mission is to create customer satisfaction by adding value on a continuous basis for all of our printing customers across the country.

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